What The Spell!

We owe the glam of Witchcraft to media, bad publicity and the visual effects and movies of Hollywood. Teen-age girls flock to the Barnes and Noble shelves, searching for just the right book on love spells. Hocus pocus, abracadabra or bibbity bobbity boo, a wave of the wand and your spell is cast, right? .

Would you drive a car without reading the manual or taking driver's ed? A higher force called "the law" would stop you, right? Well spells and Witchcraft have 'laws' too.

Before you grab the candles, incense and oils, stop and read on. There are some basic things that you should know about doing Magick.

Whatever you do will come back to you.

What this means is that there is a threefold law, a cosmic law. Whatever you do, will eventually come back to you or at least that is the chance you take. This is why many witches do not do spells that would manipulate another person's free will. You would not want to do magick that would hurt anyone including yourself.

For example, if you do a 'love spell," you should do it in a way to allow the universe to bring you a love. Do not do it for a specific person. Yes, you may get that person but he may not be for your good. He could turn abusive or cheat but the spell worked cause you in theory 'have' him.

Wording is everything!

Most Witches agree that what words you use and how you use them is very important. For example, if you say "Eat your dinner" means something completely different than "Eat. You're dinner!" Let's say that you are doing a spell because you need money. You do the spell and it works but in doing so, you end up in a car accident and get money because you are suing for injuries that you sustained.

It would be much better to do a prosperity spell. Better yet, make a list of what you need the money for. Do a spell for a new car, to pay that cable bill, for that dream house. Eliminate the word money and you may be surprised at how things appear before you.

I once did a spell for prosperity to help catch up on my bills. I visualized everything getting paid, even though I did not know how this would be acquired. A few days later, I called the cable company because my internet was not working properly. The customer service rep explained to me that it was because I did not have that service on my account, even though I had been paying for it for nearly two years. They had to credit my account the difference. I did not have to pay my cable bill for six months.

Read more on the subject before casting.

I would hope that you would not pick up a gun without researching safety guidelines and how to use it. The same goes for casting a spell. You will more likely to have your spell work with a little bit of knowledge, plus it is for your own good.

The truth is that spells can back fire if they are not done with care. It's not rocket science but you should know what you are getting into. What the spell! I always get scared for the person who messages me out of desperation to do a love spell, or worse a binding spell.

Two books that I would recommend reading from start to finish are "The Casting of Spells" by Christopher Penczak and Laurie Cabot's "Book of Spells and Enchantments."

Magick Works

Before you do a spell, be sure it is what you want. In other words, "Be careful for what you wish for, you might just get it," Try to visualize yourself as if it worked, putting yourself in the situation you created. Take a good look around. Are you sure this is what you want? If yes, proceed with the spell. If you are hesitant or the least bit unsure, do not do the spell. Allow yourself more time to think about it and be sure.

Start Simple

Start out simple. Remember, when we wanted to ride a bicycle? Most of us did not just jump on and go. We had training wheels or at least someone holding the bike until we were ready. Spells are the same. If you are looking for some simple and fun spells, try my Manifesting the Cinderella Way post.

The Most Important Step

The most important step now, is to pick a simple spell and do it. Believe in your magickal abilities and trust the universe.

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