The Fool tells us to "Just Believe"

The power of "Just Believing" is an incredible, super power!

As a young child. I had imaginary friends, brought goodies to the faeries, and knew that when I grew up that I wanted to be a princess or a witch or maybe both. I was extremely close to my grandfather at this time and visits to his wonderful farm in upper New York State encouraged my creativity. I was afraid of nothing and knew only love, pure love and hope. I definitely had the power to believe, the power to imagine anything that I wanted or needed.

When I was a teenage living in extremely hard conditions (like so very many of us), I would simply tell my mother to "just believe," that things would work out and even though I doubt that she really ever took the words that I said for granted, they always did. Maybe it was because I processed the power and it was strong enough for both of us.

Now, being a parent myself, I have experienced multiple hardships, I tell myself that things will work out…. sometimes I believe and sometimes I do not. Sometimes, the "power of believing" becomes a struggle, especially with all the programming that society has given me. They do not seem to want me to have this super power. Even as a witch, it is easy to forget what a magickal being that I am. I know that my spells work much, much better when I believe and trust the universe.

The Fool Card

When I am in doubt of all this, I turn to the tarot. The card that brings back my super power of believing is THE FOOL. It represents an ability to trust, a child-like innocence.. In other words “Believe” and leave it at that. Don’t think about it after, or worse what may or may not happen. Just let it go and let it be

Trust that you will not always have everything that you WANT but you will have what you need. Stop…no I mean it, STOP. Get out of that panic mode. After all, even if you panic, it does not make it better but many times, makes it worse.

When you worry, you are creating stress. Stress raises your blood pressure, causes anxiety and makes you sick. I know, it isn’t that easy to just believe. I understand that. So cause a diversion! Do something! Exercise, watch a movie, make something. Go to the park and touch a tree. Laugh all you want but it calms you down, don’t believe me? Try it.

The fool suggests to us to be spontaneous. Go with the flow, to be trusting and have faith. If you look at the card above you see the person with his head so much in the clouds, that he almost goes over the cliff. You say he may fall to injury or death..He isn’t thinking that he will fall. He is trusting and believes that the universe will take him where he needs to go.

This card suggests that it is time to get back to nature. Go outside, go to the woods, the beach. Be more spiritual, try yoga or meditation and just be… but mostly believe. Start small, know that when you flick that light switch, the light will go off.

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