The Five Best Tarot Cards For Love

As a Professional Tarot Reader, you probably can imagine how many clients come to me regarding love and relationships. Everyone is wondering when their Mr. (or Mrs.) Right is going to come along, or if their current partner is the “one.”

The truth is, that long before I became a reader, I would take every chance that I could to see if love was in the cards for me. So, how do you know which Tarot cards best spell L-O-V-E? Below, is what I believe to be the Best Tarot Cards to show up in a Love and Relationship reading.

5. The Six of Cups

The fifth best tarot card to show up in a love and relationship reading is the Six of Cups. This card has such a sweet overtone, as the little girl is given a cup full of beautiful flowers. This is one of my favorite card in the whole deck because it is such a cheat for me as a reader.

Do you see the little girl looking up and graciously accepting the flowers…accepting all that life hands her, accepting the gifts of love that the universe wants eagerly to give her OR do you see the little girl’s head turn away, looking as if she is unsure if she wants this gift or perhaps, she thinks she is not worthy of them.

If you are the little girl that takes the flowers with a “Hell Ya!” and then cranks the radio to “More, more, more…how do you like it? How do you like it?” then you are ready to fall in love and please proceed.

If you are the shy little girl, I want you to say the words out loud, “I am ready to accept the gifts that the universe gives to me, I am love and I deserve love” and start carrying some rose quartz to raise that vibration up.

4. Four of Wands

The fourth best Tarot card to get in a reading if the four of wands. Okay, first off…. when you look at this card it looks there is a wedding or handfasting going on. I cannot help but to always have that in my mind but that is not really what the card as a stand alone.

It means celebration…okay that could be a wedding or handfasting…but also means freedom which is never associated with marriage…. wait a minute…why is we refer to getting married as suddenly having a ball and chain? Marriage should be a partnership yes, but it does not come with an owner manual and therefore you should still have freedoms to be who you are and to have certain freedoms.

Getting married should GAIN you something…. a partnership, a love to call your own, someone to tell your deepest secrets to…it should not TAKE something…your freedom, your individuality, your spirit. In a love and relationship reading, this is a card where you have to take surrounding cards into consideration, for instance, if it was positioned close to the Hierophant card, it could mean marriage.

3. The Lovers

Number three is The Lovers card. How many of you thought that this would be the number one card for love? Yes, it is a great card for love, but in my view, not the best. This card has a lot to do with personal love. Let’s face it, the basis of a strong and loving relationship is only as good as the relationship that you have with yourself.

You must first love yourself to love someone else. The Lovers card is part of the “Major” Arcana within the Tarot deck. “Major” cards are ones to pay a little more attention to as they wave at you and say “you who…. I’m here…” With this card you should have the self confidence needed attract the kind of love that you have always been waiting for.

2. The Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups rates number two in the best Tarot cards to get in a reading for love. I always feel like daisies and unicorns when I see this card, so at peace, everything is calm. This card as pictured means Joyful, happy family. Isn’t that what we all want? When this card shows up, you have a great family foundation built on lasting love. Truly a beautiful card to pop up in a love reading.

and finally….

1. Best Tarot Card for love is the Two of Cups

The two of cups, in my opinion, is the best card to get in a reading for love and relationships. This card represents that a bond is being formed, two people have come to a truce and are toasting to their future. It is a card that suggests a true connection and love.

TIP: If you want to bring love into your life, place this card on an altar of shelf with rose petals and a pink candle.

If you wondered why there are so many cup cards in the top five, Cups are the suite in the Tarot that represent water, emotions and relationships.