Manifesting the Cinderella Way

The Tale of Cinderella has captured many hearts, old and new. Poor Cinderella is abused and suffers from poverty. Her fate is at the hands of her evil step-mother....or is it really? We could view the story of Cinderella as a victim of circumstance, waiting to be rescued, OR.... we could look at how powerful she is, going to the willow tree, doing a little magick and manifesting her way out of her unfortunate situation.

In the original tale, the ball lasts for three nights. Each night, Cinderella visits. Each night, she runs off. Is she testing the prince? Or does she know that doing a spell three times will make it stronger?

Cinderella's tale can be looked at as an initiation. As she comes of age, she starts to realize the magick she processes. After loosing one shoe, she is forced to walk with one shoe on, one shoe off. We could translate this to walking in this world and the other world. She must be able to balance her physical abilities along with her psychic ones.

To do our own Cinderella-inspired magick, we will utilize some of the elements of the story.

Shoe Magick

Shoe magick, folklore and superstitions have been around for centuries. One example of this, is the tying of shoes to the car bumpers. Usually done after a wedding, this is said to ensure happiness in the home.

A powerful superstition is to never leave shoes on a table. There are accounts that this will cause misfortune and even death. If you do happen to leave them on a table, do not fret. You can stop this omen by returning your shoes to the floor before putting them on. Let's move on to some magick

Simple Shoe Love Dream Spell

To dream or have a vision of who your love is to be, place your shoes on the left side of the bed and form a T.

Say the following poem out loud before going to sleep:

"This night my true love will see, I've placed my shoes in the form of a T. Now in my dreams come to me, Show yourself, my lover to be." ~ Author unknown

Penny in your Shoe Prosperity Spell

To have good fortune and prosperity, place a penny in your left shoe. The left side is for bringing something to you. The right side is to bring something away from you, or get rid of. This is true of most magickal workings.

Tree Magick

In the original tale of Cinderella, her father brings her back a hazel branch. She plants it over her mother's grave and it grows big and strong. It is the tree helps her with her magick of manifestation. This should come as not surprise, given that many pagans/ witches use wands. Wands are made usually from trees. The are often used for manifesting and more.

Hazel trees have magickal healing attributes. They are aligned with the Goddess Aphrodite, making them a natural choice for love magick.

Hazel Nut Spell

On the night of the Full Moon, stand outside in her light. Hold a hazelnut in your hand, to your heart. Close your eyes and make a wish adding the words:

"For the highest good I pray thee be, my wish please send to me."

Plant the hazelnut with the intention of making your wish (not a tree) grow and come true.

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