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Lady Rose

Lady Rose is a Witch, Professional Tarot & Toe Reader, Herbalist, Teacher and Author. She has been drawn to the occult and metaphysical since she can remember. When asked at age six, what she wanted to be when she grew up, her ill-favored response was “a Witch.” The truth is, that Lady Rose always knew she was a witch and could see things that others could not even understand. These ‘gifts’ would eventually lead Lady Rose to Salem and to study under some of the best-known occult leaders of our time.    

Lady Rose is a Priestess in The Cabot Tradition and The Temple of Witchcraft. She has previously held the title of Capricorn Deputy Minister (TOW) where she was in charge of Prison Ministry. In 2014, she received the “Award for Outstanding Service” from the Temple of Witchcraft. She has studied with various other traditions and teachers including Christopher Penczak, Temple of Witchcraft, Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, House of Grimassi, Oberon Zell, Church of all Worlds, and Judika Illes, Author of The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft. In addition, Alura has had the honor of working closely with Laurie Cabot, The Official Witch of Salem, as Laurie’s own personal assistant.

Lady Rose is often referred to as “The Fairy Tale Witch™” which stemmed from the rituals and workshops she led at Salem’s beloved store “Enchanted.” She has since created her very own divination system “Fairy Tale Runes™” which has been featured in the book, “The Diviners Handbook” published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina Publishers. Lady Rose currently runs the blog “The Fairy Tale Witch” on Patheos Pagans and has won Eternal Haunted Summer’s Readers’ Choice Award for her poem “The Morrigan.”

Lady Rose’s most cherished gift is helping others find clarity and strength through her readings and workshops. She believes that everyone can be psychic when given the proper training and opportunity.

Awards, Honors and Certifications 

Temple of Witchcraft – 2014

“Award for Outstanding Service”

Eternal Haunted Summer – 2014

“Readers’ Choice Award”

Misty Meadows Herbal Apprenticeship – 2018

Usui Reiki 1 Practitioner – 2016

Integrated Energy Therapy Level One & Two – 2013


Community Positions

Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride Coordinator

2019 to present

Capricorn Deputy Ministry (Temple of Witchcraft)

2012 to 2017


Classes and Workshops Available

A Year of Fairy Tale Magick – Offered Online

A Year Journey into the Tarot - Offered Online

Fairy Tales and Witchcraft

Introduction to Fairy Tale Magick

Make your own Poppet

Making Spell Bottles

Introduction to Candle Magick

Tea Leaf Reading

Advanced Tea Leaf Reading

The Witches Tool Series – The Wand

The Witches Tool Series – The Besom

Potion Making

The Inner Child and You

Make Your Own Pendulum


Festivals that Lady Rose has taught at

Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride 2019

“Spell Bottles”

New England Metaphysical and Holistic Festival 2018

“Fairy Tale Magick”

Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride 2018

“Fairy Tale Magick”

Wizard, Wands and All Things Magic Fest 2017

“Fairy Tale Magick”

Templefest 2017

“Fairy Tales in Witchcraft”

Templefest 2015

“Making Spell Bottles”

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